r3Cronometro is at heart a custom bike shop. We know our customers. A bike is a special thing to them. When they buy a bike, it’s a big decision. They want a quality machine that is perfect for the kind of riding that they do. They know they’re going to spend a lot of time with their next bike, and they’re not just going to go grab something arbitrarily from the end of a factory production line and hop on. No, they want a bike that’s made exactly for them. The bike has to be as good a fit in body as it is in soul.

So we don’t just stock any kind of bikes. We search for bikes that we know from experience will fit our customers. Sometimes they’re the fastest. Sometimes they’re the most durable. Sometimes they have that perfect sweet spot between speed and comfort. Sometimes they’re simply just really cool and really well made. Sometimes they’re a great bike at an excellent price. Whatever the case, we’re very careful about what we bring into our shop.

We work with the best, high end manufacturers in the industry. We choose the brands and models that are known for their quality and potential for customization, i.e., that can be made individual even while delivering the most-cutting edge designs, the latest technology, and advanced engineering.

We specialize in the following brands:




Start your search with the kind of riding that you do!

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*****Please check back often, as we are adding our bikes to the website as we go. We’re trying to build a catalog that is also pretty unique. We want to make a place for our bikes online that explains why we chose them and why a particular one might be right for you. Unfortunately, it takes time!**************