Biodynamic Fit

biodynamicbicyclefitting1Cronometro’s ability to provide the most detailed and personalized fittings has established us as the most capable fitters in the Midwest. Having over 22 years of combined experience and fitting around 400 riders a year has yielded in a clear validation of our proprietary technique.

We start out each fitting session with a comprehensive assessment of past and current issues the rider may have, such as pain, injuries, numbness, etc. We then evaluate all the potential corrective procedures.

Because of our progressive fitting philosophy and technique, the latest knowledge and concepts are integrated into the process regularly. This helps maintain us in the forefront of the fitting market and guarantees that you’ll get the best fitting possible.

Current market trends utilize the term custom in very vague parameters as a means to attract potential customers. You may not need a custom bike to achieve a position that is optimal, and the best way to find out if you need one or not is talking to a professional.

Bicycle fitters are sprouting everywhere and each claims to be the best. As subjective as their version of the ultimate fit can be, the truth is that most, if not all of these folks are well intentioned. The final positioning that they might come up with may not be too far off from correct, and that is great. But, to truly achieve an ideal position and help realize an athlete’s full potential it will take a lot more than good intentions.

General knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, pedaling dynamics, pedal systems, and handlebar geometries, among other subjects is the basic foundation of our fitting system. Many of these areas have been skipped or ignored altogether by many of today’s fitting kits and fit “specialists”. Having this knowledge at hand and the means to apply it, has taken many years of learning, researching and experimenting.

So, whether you’re a recreational rider or a weekend warrior, a Cronometro Biodynamic fitting will take your riding to the next level. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Biodynamic Bicycle Fitting takes the following aspects into account:


  • Your riding needs, road racing, triathlon, fitness riding, heavy touring, mountain bike racing, etc.
  • Your body measurements.
  • Your available range of motion in hips, knees, ankles, back and shoulders.
  • Physical anomalies such as differential lengths in femur/tibia and variations in foot size and shape.
  • Your pedaling style, whether it is high or low cadence, smooth or erratic.
  • The bike’s center of gravity is taken into account for maximum control and comfort.


Wondering how we take our measurements?


  • $300 Biodynamic Bike Fitting.
  • $350 Aero Bike Biodynamic Fitting inc. Aero Bar Position.
  • $50 & up. Bike Setup to Fit Sheet specs.
  • $75 Cleat Fitting.

Call 608-243-7760 for a Biodynamic Fitting appointment

Please bring the following: Bike, bike shoes, bike shorts and short sleeve shirt/jersey.