Biodynamic Fit

At Cronometro, we’re known as one of the best bike fitters in the Midwest, if not the country. We’ve earned that reputation through years of working with so many different types of riders, from elite professional riders to weekend warriors to even those with disabilities.

Having fitted thousands of cyclists over the years, we’ve worked with just about every sort of body challenge there is…and while every rider is indeed unique, we’ve learned that a systematic approach to achieving the best fit brings outstanding results.

img_0076We start out each fitting session with a comprehensive assessment of past and current issues the rider may have, such as pain, injuries, numbness, etc. We then evaluate all the potential corrective procedures.

img_0070Because of our progressive fitting philosophy and technique, the latest knowledge and concepts are integrated into the process regularly. General knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, pedaling dynamics, pedal systems, and handlebar geometries, among other subjects is the basic foundation of our fitting system. Many of these areas have been skipped or ignored altogether by many of today’s fitting kits and fit “specialists”. Having this knowledge at hand and the means to apply it, has taken decades of experience, learning, and research. The result is that you can have the confidence that we will find your best fit.

So, whether you’re a recreational rider or an elite athlete, a Cronometro Biodynamic fitting will take your riding to the next level.

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