Fit Facts

Biodynamic Bicycle Fitting takes the following aspects into account:

  • Your riding needs, road racing, triathlon, fitness riding, heavy touring, mountain bike racing, etc.
  • Your body measurements.
  • Your available range of motion in hips, knees, ankles, back and shoulders.
  • Physical anomalies such as differential lengths in femur/tibia and variations in foot size and shape.
  • Your pedaling style, whether it is high or low cadence, smooth or erratic.
  • The bike’s center of gravity is taken into account for maximum control and comfort.

Wondering how we take our measurements?


  • $300 Biodynamic Bike Fitting.
  • $350 Aero Bike Biodynamic Fitting inc. Aero Bar Position.
  • $50 & up. Bike Setup to Fit Sheet specs.
  • $75 Cleat Fitting.

What to bring for your fit:

  • Bike  
  • Shoes
  • Bike shorts
  • Short sleeve shirt/jersey.

We have changing room facilities, and water bottles.

What to expect:

We will set up your bike on a podium, equipped with a Computrainer that is hooked up to a wide screen monitor allowing you to ride in a virtual environment that will closely mimic your current riding style and habits. Our fitters will watch you on the bike from many angles, carefully diagnosing and assessing your position on the bike, noting any physical tendencies and/or limitations. From there, we experiment with various, often subtle changes, and listen to your feedback. If new equipment is necessary, we will make recommendations and test them out. We work with you until you’re satisfied that we have a good action plan for giving you the best fit possible.