Fitting Seminars

Bike Fit Symposia for the Clinician and Community

A service gap exists in the cycling community between bike fitters and Physical Therapists. Each discipline offers a skill that proves invaluable to the cyclist, but there is often disconnect when the two services need to be integrated.

Colin and Stacey created a solution.  In March, they delivered an all day course  (8 CEUs through WPTA) for clinicians interested in understanding bike anatomy, gaining experience with bike tools and mechanical adjustments, and measuring contact points according to a standardized matrix.  Emphasis was placed on accurate communication between clinicians and bike shops to optimize patient comfort, performance and injury prevention.  The inter-related nature of manipulating contact points and biomechanics was highlighted.

Colin and Stacey also worked with Body Fit Solutions in Middleton, owned by Physical Therapist Amy Schubert, designed to create training options for women by women.   A mini-bike fit clinic was held for their Women on Wheels group.  Orthopedic issues such as ACL reconstruction, Achilles tendon repair and hip replacement were addressed through bike modification.
A series of mini-clinics were also held for participants in the Madison School and Community Recreation Spin classes.  Culprits for common complaints such as patellar tendinopathy, back and neck discomfort, foot and hand numbness were discussed, along with basic bike fit principles.