Competitive Solutions

One of our greatest value propositions at Cronometro is the professional-level support we offer to both professional and amateur athletes. Avid cyclists from around the country have been coming to us for nearly 30 years to help them get faster on the bike. Whether it’s building a wheel last minute for Greg Lemond at the Tour de France, or helping set up bikes for our many USA Cycling Masters Champions, or getting all of our triathletes up and running for the Ironman Wisconsin, the very best cyclists have made us the go-to bike shop in Madison for helping them gain a competitive advantage.

P5-690-380Our success is our rider’s success. Whatever the goal….whether it’s just to get faster, or take a bunch of Strava segments, all the way up to qualifying for Kona…we make it our mission to make it happen.

We do that by being very scientific and disciplined in our approach. Our philosophy is to take a holistic view to the rider and the bike. We have a “fit-first” mentality that drives everything. What do we mean by that? It means that whatever mechanical changes are made to the bike need to be reflected in the rider’s position, and vice versa. There is always an optimal trade-off between getting aero and finding more power, for example. It takes a highly custom approach, and typically an ever-developing relationship with our customers to get the desired results. People change. Technology changes. It’s a process of adaptation and evolution. That we understand that and have been at the forefront of the cycling sport for so long just makes us very good at what we do.

img_0064As part of our training solutions , we have developed a kind of “process model” approach to the many pieces of the training puzzle. It’s pretty simple. There are best practices to getting the best results. We try very hard to help our cyclists do it right from the beginning. So whatever the goal…more power, better aero, lighter, faster, stronger…we can get you there.

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