Crono Cervelo P2 edition

The Crono Cervelo P2 Edition

IMG_0535The Cervelo P2 is a legend, but it’s also a great bike for the money. You could pay for a higher-priced model, but the smarter move is to buy the P2 and put your money in other places that will improve performance.

Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to buy a Cervelo P2 from Cronometro:

1) We’ll put you on performance wheels. If you want to make dramatic improvements, high end wheels are one of the smartest investments you can make. We’ve put a lot of HED wheels on P2s, the size depending on rider. We also can put you on hand-built wheels that are both fast and affordable. We’re known for our wheels, after all.

2) We’ll make the fit comfortable for your body and riding style. The fit is why we like the P2 so much in the first place. It is incredibly fit friendly. The head tube to top tube ratio just gives it a fit flexibility that suits a large portion of the population. We’ve been able to put people of all sizes and dimensions on P2s, just because it is so customizable. It has spoiled us for pretty much all other bikes. As far as aero bikes go, there’s just not a better bike to fit.

3) We’ll fit you for optimum performance. Finding your optimal position for success is as crucial as anything for triathlon success. That gets us into the area of what you might call “practical aerodynamics”. You want to find the perfect place between comfort, aero position, and power production. Thankfully, those sorts of compromises are real strengths of the both Cronometro and the P2.

4) We’ll equip your bike for racing and training. The Cervelo P2’s popularity also makes it highly compatible with third-party systems, making the P2 able to accommodate the latest and greatest of aerodynamically efficient accessories, like water bottles and bento boxes…all of which make real differences when you’re looking to shave off seconds on your times.

Everyone talks about bang for the buck, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a better example than the P2. It’s the smart choice that will give you the greatest competitive advantage.

The Crono Cervelo P2 on Sale

If you’re looking to finally make the move and put yourself on a proper Tri bike, give us a call or come down and take a look at one of our P2s in stock.

The Cervelo P2 sells for $2800 and is great place to start.

P2 White Profile DS WB


The Crono Cervelo P2 Edition is only ***$4200**** Ready to race!


This Crono Cervelo P2 Special includes:

  • Aero fitting session ($350 value)
  • Hed Jet 4 or Jet 6 wheels *
  • A set of alloy rim training wheels
  • …and a nice bento box for your snacks

Total value of this package is $4775! (You save $575)

* Substitute Zipp wheels for an additional $500

Plus, Power Package: Purchase a new bike from Cronometro before March 1st  and receive 20% off any power meter!