Crono Clinics

Upcoming Cronometro Clinics

Wednesday, March 29 @ 5 PM
Hammer Time! Nutritional clinic with Mark Barrett from Hammer Nutrition

Join Mark Barrett from Hammer Nutrition for a discussion on fueling before, during, and after workouts and races. Mark will provide tips on how to improve performance through better nutrition and how to approach endurance sports as we age. He’ll also discuss race day and training strategies for different lengths of races. Lastly, Mark will go over what to look for in ingredients in various supplements and other products.

Plus, free samples for everyone! It’s a free seminar, too. Just sign up below:

Nutrition clinic with Mark Barrett. Wednesday, March 29 @ 5PM

My Aching Back!
There are many causes to back pain on the bike. It’s good to understand why back pain happens and what you can do about it. Learn good habits, as well as medically sound therapeutic practices that help you prevent and overcome injury.