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Wednesday, February 15 @ 5PM
Flat out! with Colin. Change a flat in 2 minutes. 

Sure, you probably have had to change one in the past, and sure, you probably can do a decent job of it, especially if you’ve got an hour to kill. But what if a flat didn’t have to ruin a ride or a race? What if you could hop off the bike and be back up and riding in just a couple of minutes? Changing a flat really can be done faster, more easily, and with confidence if you know the tricks. This is a hands-on seminar taught to you by a professional, none other than Cronometro’s own Colin O’Brien. You will get comfortable using quick inflation systems (C02 cartridges), so you will be ready to use them out on the road. This is a great class for all riders, but also for racers and triathletes, too! Bring your bike and an inflation system, if you have one. $20. Limit 5.

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Tuesday, Feb. 21 @ 5PM
Free Happy Feet Seminar

IMG_0549Join Stacey from CronoPT and Colin to discuss foot pain, its causes and remediation. Stacey will discuss the biomechanics of your feet, and Colin will delve into the ways in which you can make your feet happy on the bike again. This is a free clinic open to the public. Just sign up to let us know you’re coming!

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Practical Aerodynamics for the Triathlete 

March 15. Join Colin in a talk about getting aero on the bike in the most practical and efficient ways as possible. Colin will discuss good, efficient body angles. Learn how to conserve watts, while staying comfortable and efficient on the bike. Topics include accessories, wind tunnel testing, and power. The seminar is free and open to the public.

Have Bike will Travel

If touring with your bike is on the bucket list, but the bucket seems a bit too heavy to fit in the overhead, take this course on how to become a seasoned bike traveler. We’ll give you the tips and tricks of packing your own bike and traveling with it. Overcome the fear out of taking your bike apart and putting it back together again! We’ll also touch on traveling tips and options for taking your bike literally anywhere in the world.

My Aching Back!
There are many causes to back pain on the bike. It’s good to understand why back pain happens and what you can do about it. Learn good habits, as well as medically sound therapeutic practices that help you prevent and overcome injury.