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The Customary Custom Cronometro Customer

Here at Crono you know we take your bike very seriously, so you can have the most possible pleasure and fun while riding. It is all about the riding… whether you are rolling around Dane county, attacking another corner in a Midwest crit or perhaps climbing a stunning hill in the Crete Senese.


We have developed an entire fitting process built around helping you find the perfect bike so you can have that perfect ride.

Bikes are designed to do things. Sure, it sounds obvious, but when it comes to custom bikes, the design target slate is clean. It’s a fresh design that starts with you. We know right where to start the design, with you the cyclist, your history, and your future riding.

Here is a quick overview of the Cronometro Custom Bike Process…


img_0070The dynamic fitting session generates the coordinates that the new bike will be designed to support. These coordinates are unique to you and your cycling posture.  You will be riding your current bike or one of ours  during the session to establish an optimal position on the bike. As we adjust and move the contact points in space, your feedback will guide us both to the best possible solution in terms of positional metrics. We, of course, strive for comfort in this phase and you will have a clear understanding of the position the new bike is built to target. This fitting session also develops recommendations for optimal crank length, handlebar selection and width etc.

What’s Your Goal?

Discussing the desired design goals for you and your bike is the next design element. This discussion will cover things like where you intend to ride ( pavement, gravel, triathlon, etc.), what’s your personal riding style, and what’s your general purpose (i.e. road racing, frisky sport riding, track sprinting),  or simply what do you hope to do with your bike.

Overall steering stability is considered given your riding history, preferences, and expectations. We make sure you don’t get a bike that is too twitchy or too sluggish in the corners, for example.

redsky-pro-full-1Because our vendors can adjust the tubing flex and stiffness of every tube  for each bike we will talk about optimizing these elements for your comfort and bike control.  Balancing smooth riding, weight, and stability for your riding happiness.

What Would You Like On It?

The choice of components to build the dream machine is the next agenda item and one that is critical to getting the exactly the performance package you are wanting from the new bike. We have experience with virtually every type of build up from adventure bikes to exotic aero superbikes, we will help guide you to your best hardware options.

seven-1And finally, we have aesthetics. This includes a huge array of paint and finish options but also top tube slope and colors of hubs, rims and spokes.

After taking in all the fit metrics and the rest of your personalized input we will design the frame geometry here at Cronometro. We then send this draft to either Parlee or Seven Cycles for their review and approval. When we get the specifications back from them, we will contact you for verification. And if you’re having second thoughts about those neon green flames in the paint work, it’s no problem to make aesthetic or even structural changes at this point in the process. Once we’re all set, we give the approval to go ahead and build the frame, production begins, and we are given a promised delivery date.

When the frameset arrives, we build it up, and set it up to the fit metrics for a final fit session.  The final fit session lets us review the fit and make any tweaks that you may want.  We then wrap the bars…and you are on your way to better cycling!

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