Colnago Prestige

Meet professional cyclocross champion Wout Van Aert:

Wout-Van-Aert…or better yet, meet what’s underneath all that mud and rain and dirt and crud, the bike that propelled him to two world championships, the Colnago Prestige:colnago-prestige

No offense to Wout, but Colnago’s redesign is a step up for riding in the real world.The cyclocross championship frame has been tweaked to give it more comfort and stability, making it the best in class of all Adventure bikes. It’s not made just for racing. It’s made for riding…in all conditions and for as long as you can push it. 

prestige4The design element that stands out is the lower bottom bracket, increasing the stability of the ride. The new design features a wider down tube, which equates to greater stiffness. And that’s really the advantage of this bike, it’s stability and stiffness. The road may be rough, but the ride doesn’t have to be. It’s just plain smooth on all surfaces.

The Prestige comes with flat-mount disc brakes, which gives you maximum control of the bike at all times, something you always want, especially in off-road riding. The frame is monocoque carbon fiber, and the design is all-Colnago, meaning sleek, unique, exceptionally light and clean…a perfect balance, as they like to say at Colnago, between aesthetics and performance.

prestige2The last thing to note is the seatpost. I know, it may seem a small thing (and it is, literally), but it kind of sums up the attention to detail of the bike. It’s only 27 mm in diameter, which is roughly 4mm slimmer than what you find on most bikes of its class. It’s an addition by subtraction for sure, giving the bike a lightness, comfort and agility that you just don’t find on other bikes like it.

But then again, are there really any bikes like it?

We have a new 2017 Prestige, (complete bikes start at $3699)  here at the shop. Come on down and have a look at. Just drop in or give us a call.