Bike of the Moment: The Scott Foil by Cronometro

The 2016 Paris-Roubaix was pretty darn remarkable…and not just because Peter Sagan managed to bunny hop Fabian Cancellara on the cobbles. A very different sort of bike defied the conventional wisdom to take the win. It’s this bike, the Scott Foil:

The problem of the Paris-Roubaix is that…well, it’s brutal. While fairly flat, the 160-mile race travels over some 30 miles of cobbles, which happen to be the roughest roads you’ve ever ridden on (think Stage Coach road in Cross Plains times 100). You have to ride a bike that can handle the terrain, so racing teams focus on tackling the rolling resistance problem the cobbles pose.

In other words, you should ride the bike that goes fastest over the cobbles. Duh.

img_0052Ah, but just a minute, the Scott Foil says. The majority of the race is fairly normal. What if you went into the cobbles just a little bit fresher than the other guys? It’s not all cobbles. What if, in the in-between bits on the flats, you were good and aero and fast as crap. You worked a little less harder while screaming right along, so when you got to the rough stuff you had some power in your legs to fight through it…and when you got to the end of the race, you were on a proper aero bike that could sprint to the line?

Turns out the Scott Foil had it figured out right. Light and aero wins the race.

Everything about the Scott Foil  just screams aero. It’s entire being is devoted to reducing air drag. Take a look at the front stem assembly.

How is that for an aerodynamic front end? It’s streamlined and thick, almost like a fairing. All the round bits have been squared or flattened for the aerodynamic advantage. You get the same kind of “flatness” down the top tube, too. It’s aero, but it’s also stiff, and a voluminous bottom bracket adds to that stiffness as well.

Our Cronometro Scott Foil comes with Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting.


So, this Bike of the Moment is a road racer’s machine. If you’re looking for the same racing edge as in Paris-Roubaix, think about the Scott Foil. You could be fast in the flats and rollers but work a little less harder, so you can save your power for the climbs and for the finish.

Now, Sagan’s bunny hop? Can’t help you there…but you can watch it here!