What is Custom?

Titanium Full Custom Bike For Less Than You Think.

Titanium performance and durability combined with perfect fitting makes a great long term investment in your cycling. Light and lively describes the ride you can have with a Ti bike though Seven Cycles, who will tune the ride to reflect your particular desire in ride firmness or softness.
Seven Full

Seven Axiom S Ti (custom)

Frame and Fork $2895
Complete Bike $4135

If you are a cyclist who might tend to handle your bike a bit roughly this is the machine for you! No paint to chip, just touch up the finish with a bit of scotchbrite and you are all set! Titanium is the most durable material to build a high performance bike. The corrosion resistance alone is amazing, add in the incredible toughness and impact resistance and you have a one very long lived machine.

Custom Bikes Explained
A real custom bicycle design covers every minute detail so it’s finely tuned to your body and your riding style, handling, rigidity, weight, geometry all come into play when designing a bike that is MADE for you. The fit/design/build/deliver process is very efficient when working with Seven, one phase is illustrated below:

Here is what we get back from Seven when we design a custom bike for someone. This is the design proof for confirmation, issued prior to construction. (three page pdf).
Seven Drawing

Seven Cycles is an amazing builder of the classic Titanium bike. The welding is super clean and precise, Seven uses a proprietary methodology to ascertain which welds get single or double passes, maximizing the strength to weight ratio through the whole bike.

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Seven Seat Tube Seven Dropout Seven Stays

Seven Colors


When you order a new PARLEE, SEVEN or SEROTTA frameset before Dec. 24th you will receive a $250.00 gift card for use on anything in the store!