Wind Tunnel Testing

Ride Faster, Not Harder
Crono Wind Tunnel Sessions

Join us for the A2 tunnel in Mooresville North Carolina, where we have had great success in reducing the air drag, fine tuning positions, choosing the optimal helmet and hydration systems for each athlete. There is nothing like putting real numbers in  terms of air drag into your overall view of cycling performance. If you would  like to geekout a bit click to see a sample of the full spreadsheet produced from a session at the A2.

Choose from two levels of support, our regular full support program and a more basic version for the self supported athlete. We are also putting a $200 return client  credit in place so those of you interested in multiple trips to refine aero issues can save even more time and money.

We make it easy to just show up at the tunnel, do your session and head home.

Full process support, Level one

This support includes:
  • Up to 2 hours of initial biomechanical and aerodynamic review.
  • Discuss and develop a wind tunnel run plan for each run up to 10 runs.
  • Prep bike for the wind tunnel removing control levers and cables box and transport the bike to the A2,
  • Build up for the tunnel.
  • Rebox and return  the bike back to Cronometro
  • We then have a review session on the bike snd set it up using an new equipment or position we worked out at the wind tunnel
  • We will rebuild the bike to the position developed in the tunnel and a final review session at Crono to review power and overall position.

This includes one hour in the tunnel, (8-11 runs) and you can add more time if needed at $300 per half hour. The level One is the routine we have used  for all of the A2 clients to date and it has proven to be a very successful process.

Level one cost $1,600
(Repeat client discount $1400)

Level Two, Limited Support

This option is meant for a cyclist who does not need mechanical support in terms of bike disassembly, etc. and is able to simply show up at the tunnel with your bike ready to go. The rider is responsible for repacking and shipping the bike.  One hour in the A2 tunnel and extra time as needed at $300 per half hour. This still includes a pre-tunnel review of the bike and set up and a final review afterward. If you require mechanical assistance we are happy to provide it at our usual shop rate.

Level two cost $1,200
(Repeat client discount $1,000)
To get a spot in the wind tunnel line up we will take a $500 deposit and assign your start time. This can be done over the phone with a credit card or in person here at Crono.

How it works
First we have a session at Crono to review our current set up looking at your biomechanical options and limitations and equipment choices that you might like  to focus on. Then we plan out the runs in the wind tunnel. This is a critical part of the process to maximize the value of he time spent in the wind tunnel.
Your bike is prepped for the tunnel by removing gear and brake cables so that we can move and change handlebars during the session. After the session we will reassemble the bike to the optimal position.

General information
Mooresville N.C. is 45 minutes north of Charlotte and about a 2 hour drive southwest of Asheville N.C.

About half of our clients have opted to fly in and the other half driving down and back.

There are round trip flights from Milwaukee to Charlotte under $200! 

Call Crono (608) 243-7760 or email to discuss.