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What’s New at Cronometro?

Spring Clearance Sale
It’s Spring and that can only mean one of two things: taxes and cleaning. We need help with the second one. So help us clean up some space at the shop by buying stuff cheap. We are offering bikes, wheels, helmets, saddles, and shoes at seriously cut-rate rates. It’s all first come, first serve. You can even get your items online for in-store pickup. More…

The Cervelo P5X. Ah yes, every now and then you have to point to what’s possible and the Cervelo P5X is exactly that. If you want to talk “Practical Aerodynamics,” this is the bike that has it all figured it out.



You and your bike want to get away? We can get you here. Really. Our “sister company” Cyclesport Travel is still booking its annual trip to the Pyrenees. This year promises to be one of our best yet. We’ll be rolling around in all those places you’ve watched with longing over the many years of your Tour de France viewing. In fact, we will pre-ride Stages 12 and 13 of this year’s Tour.

Un-happy Feet? Feet are where all your power meets the bike and, well, we’re not exactly evolved to move our feet in 172.5mm circles for hours on end. Accommodations for this constrained, repetitive, and constantly loaded situation must be made! Or else:

  • Tingling toes
  • Numb feet
  • HOT FOOT, owww!
  • Knee pain
  • IT band irritation

All of the above complaints can result from arch collapse and improper alignment of the foot to pedal. You can understand why we care so much about your happy feet. Read More…

The Crono Cervelo P2 edition. The Cervelo P2 hardly needs any introduction. It is, after all, the most popular triathlon bike of all-time. It’s an Ironman world championship winner…yup Kona, no kidding. In fact, more P2s have raced in Kona than any other triathlon bike.

But put that all aside. Yes, it’s popular and it’s successful. The thing is, it also has a lot of potential that’s not always realized.

And that’s where the Cronometro P2 comes in.

The Prestige. Things are cooking over at Colnago and thought you might want to take a look at one of Ernesto’s latest creations, fresh out of the box. It’s the newly redesigned “cyclocross” bike, Prestige.

Though it can certainly hold its own as a cyclocross racer…it is, after all, the bike ridden by world champion Wout Van Aert…the Prestige is first and foremost an Adventure bike, designed for a smooth and stable ride for all-terrains.

Check it out here for the full run-down