The Little Shop for the Serious Cyclist

Founded in 1989, Cronometro has developed a nationally renowned reputation for bike fitting.  Amongst the bike industry’s fitting specialists, Crono is regarded as one of the top ten bike shops in the country for fitting services and expertise.  Here in the mid-west, bike riders know Cronometro to be the best place to have your bike dialed-in to fit you.  Colin does 200-300  fitting sessions per year with riders coming from all over the upper Midwest for their expertise.  Riders commonly find that after a fitting session at Crono, they are both more comfortable and more efficient on their bike.  Many riders talk of “going further for less effort.”  Some choose to go faster while others are just happy to have fewer comfort issues on their longer rides.

We offer a full range of custom bicycles and wheels designed for you.

Brands We Carry
Colnago, Seven, Parlee, Volagi, Cervelo

SRAM, Campagnolo, Enve, Chris King, Zipp, Shimano,



338 W Lakeside St Madison, WI 53715

Phone: 608-243-7760

Tues-Fri 10-6, Sat 11-4

Sun-Mon Closed

For fitting questions please contact Colin:

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