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Welcome to Cronometro!

We have an advantage at Cronometro over mass-market bike sellers and Internet retailers. More and more cyclists are realizing that small bike shops like ours do more than sell bikes and parts. It’s that sustainability thing.

Local is important. You can’t organize a community group ride or event, or help a cyclist find the perfect setup for how he or she rides, or advocate for better local cycling when you’re operating from a corporate complex a thousand miles away.

Customization is important. Sooner or later, a cyclist wants to be treated as an individual simply because every person brings his or her own unique sets of challenges to the bike. Every cyclist learns at some point that trial and error is the hard way, often the long way around a problem. You talk to the right person and suddenly the right way becomes a shortcut to greater satisfaction on the bike. 

So we provide that custom care at Cronometro. That’s our advantage. We have 28-plus years experience on our side, and we’re looking every day at new and innovative ways to deliver individualized, custom care to our loyal base of customers. 

How so? Here’s just some of what we’re doing: 

We’re developing new partnerships all the time to bring our customers better services. We’re delving more and more into the body-health side of the bike, offering now Crono PT-certified therapy designed especially for bike-related injuries. We’re setting up trips to Wind Tunnel testing sites to help racers get more aero on the bike. We continue to partner with Cyclosport Travel to deliver those trips of a lifetime that unite our love of the bike with the pleasures of exotic travel, good food, and fellowship with like-minded cycling souls.

And, of course, we are world-class bike fitters. All humility aside, it’d be hard to find any better in the Midwest. Ask around. People talk. We help the racers get faster, and enable the cycling enthusiasts to overcome their physical limitations and keep on doing what they love for as long as possible.

As always, we maintain our role as the go-to guys for high-end cycling. We will continue to support our avid cyclists and triathletes with all the bikes, parts, and repairs they need.

If you haven’t been in the shop in a while, come drop by. We appreciate your support!


Colin O’Brien


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